Chris Cuttell

I am the Administrator for the team I am in charge of the organisation aspect in regards to the documentation within Redmine, ensuring that the tasks are up to date and that our deadlines are met. I am also responsible for making note of absences, changes and ensuring all work is created to a certain standard before it is finalised. Any differences in opinion are initially dealt by me, but then I will inform the team leader who will make a final decision.

I am a final year student at the University of Gloucestershire; I am studying Forensic Computing, I have taken part in the CESG CHECK Accreditation for penetration testing and completed Cisco Networking course for the fundamentals of networking and subnetting.

I am an independent worker who can adapt well to changes in environment, and can work equally well within a group dynamic. I have a large amount of experience in unsupervised work and can often take the initiative to maximise his efficiency on a range of tasks. I have a large array of people skills which helps me to interact with others, both customers and other employees which makes me a skilled communicator – this skillset shows displays his honesty and trustworthiness. As a worker I am logical and pragmatic, often able to solve problems as they arise with little interaction from others unless I feel the task is outside of my area.

As part of my degree, I have experience with multiple software tools for forensics and networking, and have an aptitude for editing software from my past work experiences. These tools include VMware, Adobe Photoshop, AccessData Software Package, Microsoft Office, Web Development Kits and Cellebrite Mobile Forensics. I am also competent using multiple operating systems like Windows, Mac and Kali Linux – the latter of this was the predominant operating system used in penetration testing.


Odin Forensics (Forensic Express)

Odin Forensics, is a fictional digital forensics company, which has been tasked with examining a cyber-crime; one of the requirements of this examination is to use two different tools that utilise forensic analysis software to compare results and assess their effectiveness. The goal of the project is to showcase the skill set of the team; in particular their organisational skills, team working, creativity and of course their aptitude for computer forensics.

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