Daniel English

Having currently studied technical modules in digital forensics, cyber security and cryptography, I can easily identify a cybercrime. I then can consider prevention and detection methods you can use against them. Due to these reasons and my extremely keen interest in these subject areas, the team and I have decided to allocate me as the case file creator and lead investigator. Other reasons for me being suitable for these roles consisted of the fact I can use multiple tools for different cases confidently, open source or commercial. Not only is my technical ability quite strong, I have taken part in many group projects before therefore I can manage time and communicate effectively to help the project run more smoothly. Whilst being an investigator, time management is very important regardless the scope of the project, this is what I consider to be one of my most effective skills.


Super Security Forensics (Reklats)

We are all currently Forensic Computing students in our final year to which we all have different skillsets enabling us to excel throughout our project. We are going to engage in a mock scenario investigating a cyber-stalking case involving a mobile phone which has been confiscated from a suspect. Throughout the investigation, we are going to compare commercial and open source forensic tools and evaluate the pros and cons of each.

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