Decia Sa Nogueira

Hi, I am Décia Sá Nogueira. I am a final year Forensic Computing student. During the last three years, I have gained knowledge on several areas of computing including Networking, Cryptography, Ethical Hacking and Digital Imaging. During those years, I did several investigations that gave me hands on experience with Encase, AccessData Forensic ToolKit, Autopsy and Cellebrite Mobile Forensics.I also have a very good working knowledge of Mac OS X, Kali Linux, Windows OS, HTML, CSS. I am an enthusiastic and dynamic person with a strong commitment to further professional development. I am an excellent team player with a proven ability to work effectively in a busy environment and adept in using initiative to solving problems. My responsibilities in the project was to design the video trailer for the crime scenario. I also assisted in directing and recording the video.


Forensic Solutions (CCF)

Forensic Solutions is a 5 member team of forensic computing students with varying skill set who aim to bring credit card fraud into focus by creating awareness on the impact it has on individuals and businesses in the united kingdom. We further want viewers of this video trailer to be made aware of the role digital forensic experts have in bringing perpetrators of credit card fraud to justice by investigating a cyber-crime forensic image that involves preserving and extracting digital evidence in a way that is admissible in a court.

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