James Oseman

Hi, my name is James Oseman and I am in charge of quality control at Digital Print. Currently in the third year of a Forensic Computing BSc. My responsibilities are quality of work throughout the team to ensure that it meets the correct standards and objectives. As  as well as this I also handle any design related aspects such as Digital Prints brand identity and website. I felt that I best fit this role as I have had previous experiences as part of a team in a professional environment, working on in-house software and services while also producing documentation/manuals for said software and services. I also practice graphic and website design part time and have done so for about three years now.


Digital Print (Casino Heist)

Digital Print is a forensic discovery company, comprised of four final year Forensic Computing students. As a team, they will be creating a mock scenario which will include a robbery case involving a mobile phone and memory sticks, which have been confiscated from the suspects. Alongside this, the team will be comparing the commercial and open source forensic tools and discover the advantages and disadvantages of both. With varying skillsets, Digital Print are able to conquer any problem thrown their way.

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