Jonathan James

I am a multimedia designer and developer.

Most of my experience in web development is in using the LAMP stack. I am very comfortable with object-orientated PHP; the Joomla! MVC system is my preferred CMS / framework.

As far as mobile app development goes, I have a good understanding of both web and hybrid application development. I have experience developing hybrid Cordova apps using systems like IntelXDK and, more recently, Microsoft Visual Studio.

In my spare time, I am currently learning Angular in conjunction with the Ionic framework, as well as the PHP Laravel framework.

I am also a multimedia designer, meaning I design websites, mobile apps, posters, vector animations and more. My design creations are usually created using a composite of Adobe software.


BuizKitz (Wishee)

Wishee is a price comparison, wish-listing service. Create and share wish-lists with friends and family, who can compare the price of gifts from leading retailers. Once an item has been purchased it will disappear meaning, no repeat gifts!

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