Josh Kane

I am a currently a 3RD year Placement student working for the University of Gloucestershire.

I believe some of my main personal attributes to be;  Strong communicator, adaptable worker, work well under pressure driven for success, a willing learner, open-minded and a hard worker 

Within the team my role is the level designer and the primary user of Unreal Engine 4. Chef Excellence and provider of top notch banter. These roles are best suited to me because I have a passion for level design and experimentation of game mechanics. Other responsibilities include trying to get Sam to go to work. 

These roles are best suited to me because of my previous experience including:

Creating a prototype VR Project for AllAboutOnline. This included Creating a product designed to be introduced to the market now and be part of everyday life in 5 years’ time. End goal is to provide the company with a prototype that they can market to potential investors. Worked as a back end developer working on features to make the app interesting and entertaining

Also Working alongside the lecturers to provide more advanced combat tutorials to the level 5 students as well as other additional resources for the University . These are to help teach the level 5 students some of the basics of blueprinting whilst introducing more complex ideas to the students. End goal is to provide quality tutorials whilst trying to improve my conveying of information.  



Research Lab (Dr. Dino)

A team that strives to enhance the Computer Games Design course and support students in the School of Computing. We were picked based on our specialities, consistent level of work, and good teamwork.

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