Joshua Wilson

With over three years of computer forensics under my belt I have been involved in many different cyber security and cyber forensic investigations whether it be analyzing an image file to find out information from it that has been deleted or hidden away in different ways to learning how cyber-attacks are carried out and how they are so successful. In my three years, I have also completed a check penetration testing course at IRM. My roles in this team has been to write up documentation such as a diary of events as well as designing a video shoot for our company trailer. I will also be involved in the investigation of another team’s image that we receive and making sure that it will be admissible in a court of law.


Forensic Solutions (CCF)

Forensic Solutions is a 5 member team of forensic computing students with varying skill set who aim to bring credit card fraud into focus by creating awareness on the impact it has on individuals and businesses in the united kingdom. We further want viewers of this video trailer to be made aware of the role digital forensic experts have in bringing perpetrators of credit card fraud to justice by investigating a cyber-crime forensic image that involves preserving and extracting digital evidence in a way that is admissible in a court.

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