Joss Benyon

As team leader I’m is responsible for overseeing the project and steering it in the right direction. In order to do this I have to delegate tasks, issue timetables and resolve conflict within the team.

I returned to full time education so that I could reach my full potential. I am is on track to achieve a First in my degree. In the past I have worked in the outdoor and hospitality industries, both of these sectors are very transient in nature. 


Odin Forensics (Forensic Express)

Odin Forensics, is a fictional digital forensics company, which has been tasked with examining a cyber-crime; one of the requirements of this examination is to use two different tools that utilise forensic analysis software to compare results and assess their effectiveness. The goal of the project is to showcase the skill set of the team; in particular their organisational skills, team working, creativity and of course their aptitude for computer forensics.

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