Kyle Bakewell

My main responsibility is to coordinate all of the individual media so that it complies efficiently. I was selected for this role as it plays well to the skill set I have developed and refined, whilst undertaking my Individual research project, that revolves around the creation of digital images for forensic examination. My responsibilities allow me to work closely with many different aspects of the project, including the people both internally and externally. This ensures everyone involved in a project remains focused, and the project will achieve the best results possible.

I am a student at the University of Gloucestershire, in my final year of a Forensic Computing degree. Over the course of this degree there have been various topics, such as Network Security, Mobile Device Imaging and Forensics. These topics have been invaluable as they demonstrated the need for correct procedures to follow and the dangers of handling data incorrectly. Mobile device forensics is the topic I most excelled in and has led to me being involved in the creation of, and investigation of the mobile images used in our mock crime.

Before attending the university, I completed a two year Forensic Computing course at Gloucestershire College, along with a Cisco networking course that taught me the fundamentals of networking and subnetting.


Odin Forensics (Forensic Express)

Odin Forensics, is a fictional digital forensics company, which has been tasked with examining a cyber-crime; one of the requirements of this examination is to use two different tools that utilise forensic analysis software to compare results and assess their effectiveness. The goal of the project is to showcase the skill set of the team; in particular their organisational skills, team working, creativity and of course their aptitude for computer forensics.

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