Matthew O’Shea

My name is Matthew (Matt) O’Shea and I am the project manager at Digital Print. I am a third year Forensic Computing student. The responsibilities of a project manager are to be focused on team morale, as well as being goal oriented you need to make sure people are happy to get the best out of them. While on placement I was expected to work to tight deadlines and to negotiate timings with people and third party businesses. I feel these are all skills I can apply to this project.


Digital Print (Casino Heist)

Digital Print is a forensic discovery company, comprised of four final year Forensic Computing students. As a team, they will be creating a mock scenario which will include a robbery case involving a mobile phone and memory sticks, which have been confiscated from the suspects. Alongside this, the team will be comparing the commercial and open source forensic tools and discover the advantages and disadvantages of both. With varying skillsets, Digital Print are able to conquer any problem thrown their way.

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