Michael Ralls
My name is Michael Ralls, Im a MWD student and I am the Project Manager and Web Developer for Euro Racer. As Project Manager I am organise my team giving them tasks to do and making sure they do it. As a Web Developer I am responsible for making our entire website! Having spent a year in industry and still being employed as a UX designer I know how important organisation, proper planning and team work is, and I feel I can bring those qualities into my team and make something really impressive.


Alpha Pug (Euro Karts)

We are making the game Euro Racer. A game where the drivers and from different countries around Europe who have been given a comic spin to them. This will be a racing game with the main selling points being the accessibility of the game. We will be making the game with Eye tracking and with the ability of changing textures and colours for people with colour blindness and methods of communicating elements for people who are hard of hearing. 

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