Rea Andrews

I have been studying forensic computing for the last 3 years. I have been able to gain new knowledge and skills in areas such as ethical hacking, programming, networking and cryptography. I have learnt how to use forensic tools including FTK and Autopsy for investigating crimes. Having these skills enables me to have the role as an investigator within the group. I am particularly interested in computer forensics and cybersecurity therefore this is where my strengths lie. Another role of mine is to be the case file manager this will require me to keep all files backed up and up to date.


Super Security Forensics (Reklats)

We are all currently Forensic Computing students in our final year to which we all have different skillsets enabling us to excel throughout our project. We are going to engage in a mock scenario investigating a cyber-stalking case involving a mobile phone which has been confiscated from a suspect. Throughout the investigation, we are going to compare commercial and open source forensic tools and evaluate the pros and cons of each.

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