Ryan Sayer

I am currently in my final year studying Forensic Computing & Cyber Security. Previous to joining the university I obtained experience in web development from managing and creating my own websites and web servers for a personal business venture. Since joining the university I have honed my web development abilities and gained experience in Forensic Computing using tools such as Forensic Toolkit and Autopsy, analysing hard disk images from suspect’s devices. I also have experience in Penetration testing and I recently undertook CHECK certification with a local company. Due to my previous experience in Web Design & Development I have been given the Web Development role within our team, my job is to create and design the website for our company. I also have experience in Forensic Computing and will be contributing towards the investigation of image files received.


Forensic Solutions (CCF)

Forensic Solutions is a 5 member team of forensic computing students with varying skill set who aim to bring credit card fraud into focus by creating awareness on the impact it has on individuals and businesses in the united kingdom. We further want viewers of this video trailer to be made aware of the role digital forensic experts have in bringing perpetrators of credit card fraud to justice by investigating a cyber-crime forensic image that involves preserving and extracting digital evidence in a way that is admissible in a court.

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