Sam Madden

I’m Sam, and I am currently in my third year of University studying Games Design, doing an unpaid placement with the Uni. My main roles are 3D Artist, animator and Level Designer as part of the Research team. I’ve always been passionate about games, especially the 3D art side, as it’s what brings the game to life and defines the style.  

Current Projects – 

-Working as 3D artist with a Dev team in Gloucester on a VR project. (Under NDA) 

-Modelling, rigging and animating a few assets for a Deep Time project.  

-Creating my own game as well as working on models for my Portfolio.


Research Lab (Dr. Dino)

A team that strives to enhance the Computer Games Design course and support students in the School of Computing. We were picked based on our specialities, consistent level of work, and good teamwork.

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