Sophie Clinton

Studying Forensic Computing has taught me a vast number of skills including team management, image creating and evidence collecting. This course also taught me how to write formal reports and documentation. Due to my initiative and organisational skills, I took on the duties that came with being Project Manager. The role includes note taking, creating meetings and documenting them on Redmine, which coincides with me being the Editor of the assignment document. The other main tasks of being Project Manager is to organise the team and make sure they are confidant within their roles to complete their tasks to the best of their abilities. In the three years of studying Forensic Computing, I have gained the ability and practice of evidence collecting which will help enhance my skills for investigating a crime. That is why for our group assignment I have also adopted the role of being an investigator along with the other team members.


Super Security Forensics (Reklats)

We are all currently Forensic Computing students in our final year to which we all have different skillsets enabling us to excel throughout our project. We are going to engage in a mock scenario investigating a cyber-stalking case involving a mobile phone which has been confiscated from a suspect. Throughout the investigation, we are going to compare commercial and open source forensic tools and evaluate the pros and cons of each.

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