Tom Gladden

I have over 3 years’ experience in Forensic Computing, involving many investigations on various types of digital media, focusing on the extraction of hidden or deleted information. I have been trained in how to properly proceed with an investigation in order to allow for the evidence to be admissible in a court. I also have experience in Penetration Testing, and have attended an IRM Penetration Testing course. My responsibilities for this project have included documentation, such as designing a crime scenario, producing evidence for our crime image, and I will help conduct the investigation on the image we receive in order for it to be legally admissible.


Forensic Solutions (CCF)

Forensic Solutions is a 5 member team of forensic computing students with varying skill set who aim to bring credit card fraud into focus by creating awareness on the impact it has on individuals and businesses in the united kingdom. We further want viewers of this video trailer to be made aware of the role digital forensic experts have in bringing perpetrators of credit card fraud to justice by investigating a cyber-crime forensic image that involves preserving and extracting digital evidence in a way that is admissible in a court.

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