Abs Chadha

The apt description of what I do: I make my life harder to make other peoples lives easier. The job as a technical artist is a fun one! I strive to try and take shortcuts as properly executed ones can benefit not only myself, but others that I maybe working with. I tend to pick up new things without question. My logic to this is that you can never know enough, especially in this day and age, with new technologies being discovered, it’s best to throw yourself into the deep end without arm floats. It’s a career path that I enjoy, even if it does make me want to pull my hair out!

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/abhijeet-chadha-0b6614137/


OakBound (Under The Bus)

Under the Bus is a unique party game that connects several android devices to a central PC, allowing users to play mini-games that utilise the gyroscope, camera and touch-screen. Up to six devices (players) can connect to the server PC. The PC will show the main game, while the android devices act as controllers. There is a central hub in which players will be able to choose the next mini-game to play (faced with 6 choices randomly chosen from the mini-game list), which can include 1vWorld, 3v3 and PvP. Players can customise their characters here, based on attire won from playing the game.

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