Adam Mason

I am an outgoing person who is always up for any kind of social event. I’m a bit of a gamer in my spare time and love a good book every now and then. I enjoy website design and development mainly because of the freedom it offers when creating websites. There is no one right way to create a component of a website and I enjoy the puzzles that clients put forward in briefs/specifications because of this. I currently work part time for a website company based in Gloucester called Net9design and have 3 years worth of experience with them.


Small Pupper (Bookd)

Bookd: a cloud-based web application developed for restauranteurs to assist in reservation and table management; automate table allocation during service using adaptive decision-making; and provide analytical tools with which to aid management decisions. With a primary focus on usability, Bookd aims to revolutionise the way restaurants are managed without the need for a large budget or extensive training.

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Additional Skills

  • CSS
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