Alexander Chown

I’ve held an interest in video games from a very young age and thus, my interests led me into this course. I enjoy the 3D modelling and design side of things as it allows me to be as creative as I like and create anything. I look forward to building a strong portfolio after graduating combining the skills I have learnt from my time at uni and from various online sources as I enjoy trying lots of new software and broadening my skill sets.


CodeX (AR Xplore)

CodeX is working to create an AR app that aims to be used by young teenagers to gather information/history knowledge from popular tourist destinations. The app will allow users to scan a booklet with their phones to bring up 3D models of chosen monuments (such as the Eiffel Tower, Christ the Redeemer and the London Eye). A voiceover will also be available for users who might not want/be able to read. The app will be educational and will fit the mass audience of teenagers who find reading normal informative pamphlets too boring and not captivating enough. This will allow the audience to learn key historical and cultural facts from all around the world without getting bored.

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