Callum Hayes

I am enthusiastic about Digital design, filming and editing.

I like to take images from all over the internet and edit them in different ways to give it a new meaning. Creating designs for websites from scratch is also enjoyable as I get to give it my own unique personal touch.

I have recently discovered a passion for filming and photographing landscapes as well as historical buildings. I have a great love for filming and all the aspects that go with it such as directing and editing so mixing this with my passion for history has been an amazing experience.


Magic (Run Robin Run)

We are making a “Rage” themed game where you play as Robin Hood. You have just been caught stealing money from the rich and are now being chased by an angry mob of people. To survive you must duck and dodge and jump over obstacles that may be in your way. Robin has the ability to use his bow to shoot targets that are passing by as he’s running away, shoot these targets to potentially gain additional arrows, power ups to allow you to double jump or the chance of a negative power up that speeds the game up rapidly for a duration of time. Each power up can only be used once so make the most of it to reach the end of the level.

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