Jamie Laurence

I am an aspiring mobile app developer, who’s passions revolve around code, scripting and programming. The ability to create functionality from nothing drives me to learn more. For several years I worked as an engineer, this gave me an aptitude for logical thinking and problem solving, a skill that I now use daily. My other interests involve graphic/UI design and illustration, these skills help me to be flexible when working on a project.

To put it simply, not only can I make things work, but I can make them look good too.

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/jamie-laurence/


Retro Gecko (Binary)

Our game is Spies vs Mercs in an isometric view. The game involves the spies stealthing around the map avoiding the merc who is trying to stop the spies from gathering data from 2 of the 3 capture points. Once the data has been retrieved the spies must also exit the building.

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