Joe England

My main interest is obviously gaming ā€“ I find it interesting on multiple levels: Not just the immersive nature of the games themselves, but also their structure and narrative, and the diversity and imagination that has gone into their design. My main interest currently is sound design. I completed my Individual Research Project on the topic, and am passionate about design sound effects for our team. I find the teamwork involving and have my own team-play YouTube channel. Iā€™m very keen to incorporate my experience into developing the next generation of games.


Broadside Collective (The Hotel)

The Hotel is a VR Room Escape game set inside an abandoned hotel that has been converted in to a playground for a deranged stalker. You must solve puzzles on each floor of the hotel to progress through the game and earn your survival; each floor is harder than the last and your time is running out, will you make it in time?

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