Kyle Banford

I am a 3D Modeller with a keen interest for methods of texturing models, I enjoy learning about the advantages that mapping can bring to a model. And how hardware is able to  enhance the users experience, I also enjoy animating characters, and finding out how different expressions are able to evoke different emotions for the character.


OakBound (Under The Bus)

Under the Bus is a unique party game that connects several android devices to a central PC, allowing users to play mini-games that utilise the gyroscope, camera and touch-screen. Up to six devices (players) can connect to the server PC. The PC will show the main game, while the android devices act as controllers. There is a central hub in which players will be able to choose the next mini-game to play (faced with 6 choices randomly chosen from the mini-game list), which can include 1vWorld, 3v3 and PvP. Players can customise their characters here, based on attire won from playing the game.

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