Matt Kinsville

From a young age I have had a deep passion and love for video games and their creation. I spend my spare time enjoying film/TV, comics and art which all help to influence and inspire my own work, in which I use my skills of 3D modelling, texturing, level design and video editing to my advantage. I have experience working both independently and as part of a group, and take pleasure doing both. In the future I would like to continue to develop my skills as a game developer and work on bigger projects.


Broadside Collective (The Hotel)

The Hotel is a VR Room Escape game set inside an abandoned hotel that has been converted in to a playground for a deranged stalker. You must solve puzzles on each floor of the hotel to progress through the game and earn your survival; each floor is harder than the last and your time is running out, will you make it in time?

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