Ogniana Nikolova

I’m highly motivated to get a career in the game industry as a 3D character artist and to improve my skills along the way. I spent as much of my down time as I can to challenge myself to learn new techniques and push myself into areas of my work I have not been comfortable with before.


Heroic Studios (Titan Blitz)

First Person Shooter set as a 3v3, capture the point scenario. Teams need to capture a point in order to progress to the next point. There are 3 points within the map, one is within the centre of the map and the other two are nearby either team’s base. Once a team captures the centre point the next point will activate on the opponents side. The team will then need to capture that point in order to win the game. If the opposition manage to capture the point, then it will reset the progress. Secure both points in order to win.

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