Samuel Lord

I am an enthusiastic 3D Artist with a motivation to always do better than my previous best. 3D Modeling, texturing and animation are my three favourite things, insofar that I wouldn’t consider them tasks unless I was challenging myself. I am currently undertaking a year placement at the University of Gloucestershire, working on projects for clientele in local businesses. Being on this placement has taught me new skills and allowed me to step further out of my comfort zone than ever before, which to me is a fantastic way to learn.




Research Students (TBA)

The research team have been working on a variety of AR, VR, and MR projects this year. This has culminated in a mobile and Microsoft HoloLens application specifically for events, such as ComX and the Gloucestershire Business show. In addition to this, the team has also worked on projects aimed at introducing children to the world of VR, in the form of a carnival experience and a simple escape room challenge.

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