Stu Carter

The web is my most beloved interest. It’s exciting to live in an age where technologies are evolving at an ever-quickening pace, and I am thrilled to be a part of an industry that contributes to this. I work with real clients to revolutionise the way their business communicates with customers, collaborate with like-minded individuals to release globally-accessed websites, and continually push the boundaries of what I think possible using the web as a platform. I have enjoyed building robust applications and designing modern yet functional interfaces, but what excites me most is where technology will take me with each subsequent project.


Small Pupper (Bookd)

Bookd: a cloud-based web application developed for restauranteurs to assist in reservation and table management; automate table allocation during service using adaptive decision-making; and provide analytical tools with which to aid management decisions. With a primary focus on usability, Bookd aims to revolutionise the way restaurants are managed without the need for a large budget or extensive training.

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