Zak Iles

I am currently a final year student studying Computer Games Design at the University of Gloucestershire. I have had a passion for design since a young age which has been honed and developed through my education at College and University, in addition to my time working on a year long placement at DADA (Design Association) where my role was to create Architectural 3D visualisation walk throughs for clients.

I am the lead Level Designer, Concept Artist and Marketing Lead at Bad Manner Games.

My key skills :

Level Design

Virtual Reality 3D Visualisation

Graphic Design


Bad Manner Games (Drop & Run)

The Game is a stealth game with a cartoon style and unique character traits. It uses a top down 2.5d view with a curved difficulty progression to entice the player. The game features a timer, high score table, fart mechanic and coin collection for unlockable characters.

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